Ahad, 27 Mei 2018
Segalanya Tentang Matawang Kripto...

Without Our Community, We Would Be Nowhere. Your Support Makes Us Stronger.

Why We Need You

In order to fund ongoing development of MatawangKripto.com before the Development fund is active, the MatawangKripto.com Project will accept donations from the community. With your help we can hire full time developers and pay those whom are already volunteering. Every member of our worldwide community is special, and we hope to return this generosity through the years with our Project by building a stronger crypto community. Building a community and a culture that promotes free ideas, innovation, respect, and honesty while teaching skills to young and old is our goal. We want to advance blockchain by helping people transcend the obstacles in their lives.

We believe the next Satoshi Nakamoto is among us, and he/she only needs your help to thrive.

All donations will be used to fund development teams. Paying for exchange listings and awareness campaigns will be secondary uses, as well as funding the ongoing development process. Our main priority will be completing MatawangKripto.com and building a trustless system.

MatawangKripto.com Project Donation Addresses:

Derma & Sumbangan

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Bitcoin Address


Bitcoin Cash QR Address

Bitcoin Cash Address


Ethereum QR Address

Ethereum Address


Litecoin QR Address

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Thank You!  :)

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